Google Reverses Crypto Ads Ban


Google reverses crypto ad ban, allowing advertisers to promote their cryptocurrency-related products in the United States.

Google has reversed its decision on blocking all ads for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology worldwide as of March 2018. The company will now only be enforcing a “restricted” policy against these types of advertisements so that they are not shown near content related to financial trading or dice gambling sites while also checking if any given advertisement contains misleading information about an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Google has been banning cryptocurrency exchanges advertising on its platform. The nearly three-year old policy was originally enacted to counter scam projects and advertisers under the new policy must be registered either with FinCen or an officially chartered bank, as well as being in compliance with federal legal requirements.

At long last, Google reverses its previous policy against Bitcoin related advertisements! The tech giant had banned all advertisement around cryptocurrencies back in March after it was found out there were many fraudulent activities occurring due largely because scams often use keywords like “free bitcoin” which end up appearing at the top when searching those phrases online – leading

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