Top 3 Meme Coins for 2021


According to its proponents, outsourcing is the practice of transferring work or services from an organization in one country to another. While many initially attributed outsourced jobs as a negative consequence of globalization, there are instances where it has been advantageous for both countries because they gain access and knowledge that would otherwise remain exclusive if not transferred.

Computer programmers can perform their job function from anywhere in the world and can digitally transmit their programs via e-mail—creating new opportunities for global connectivity through technology while also being at risk due to this same ease of connection.

Meme Coins are a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. Memes have been around since the early days of internet, but this idea has now taken on new life – with a bit more back-end tech savvy and some clever marketing tactics. This is largely due to the fact that memes require an audience in order to exist at all; without one they’re just another kind of design element like graffiti art only visible when walking by it from certain angles because its painted over grimey brick walls instead of white gallery spaces. The genius meme creators who had already found their niche were able in turn find theirs again as well thanks to crypto!

Meme coins have taken the world by storm. One coin in particular, Dogecoin which was created as a joke back in 2013 has amassed an astonishing market capitalization of over $30 Billion at the time of writing and attracted some serious investment from Elon Musk who tweeted about it early 2021.

Once he started tweeting about this meme coin, its price soared to more than 60 cents within weeks before crashing back down again but not without attracting tens-of-millions worth of investments into crypto firms.


SafeMoon is one of the largest numbers of tokens, just like penny stocks. The project has already burned 419 million Safe Moons so far and more are being burnt every time a trade occurs. It will be interesting to see if they can achieve all their goals on this ambitious roadmap!


If you are like me, then the word Dogecoin might bring back memories of a dopey looking Shiba Inu dog that is often used in memes. Well what if I told you there was more to this meme than just animals and funny pictures? There actually IS some interesting history behind the rise and fall of one man’s idea for a stable crypto currency with enough quickness to make it competitive among other digital currencies out on the market today!

What started as an internet joke has now become something worth taking seriously by many enthusiasts who see value in its unique features such as low transaction fees (about 10x lower) when compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Imagine having money doges cost less every time they change hands instead of making them

Shiba Inu

In 2020, a new cryptocurrency called Shiba Inu was launched as “the Dogecoin killer”. It still hasn’t succeeded at the mission yet but has garnered some loyal followers by those who love dogs and also like speculating on digital assets. This crypto appreciated 13,000% from its all-time low last year despite being down over 80% from its all-time high earlier this year. Vitalik Buterin made history when he donated $1 billion worth of shibes to India a huge single donation that’s one of the largest in human history!

Investments for Meme Coins

It should be common knowledge that investing is always risky, and when it comes to meme coins this cannot be emphasized enough. If you have money burning a proverbial hole in your pocket that needs to go somewhere before the end of the week or month then happy gambling on these digital assets might do just fine for you.

But if not, beware the volatility inherent in them as well as their lack of growth prospects- they are more likely to drop than rise sharply which means those who buy during peak periods would suffer greater losses relative to gains!

The crypto market is so volatile that it’s hard to predict when the best time to buy in or sell out may be. Too many people rush into buying tokens at the peak of a hype cycle and then capitulate, selling them off for less than they bought them for as soon as their prices drop.

This makes it difficult from those looking on outside who want nothing more than stability! So before you go rushing head first into investing your money in bitcoin (for example), make sure you have researched all angles thoroughly and know exactly what risks are involved with this type of investment strategy

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